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Data Science at UC Berkeley 1 December 22, 2019
I'm an International student with a CGPA of 3.46. I am yet to give my SAT and am considering of applying to Georgia Tech for ED. Is there a chance that I might get full financial aid? 1 August 26, 2019
Summer session and first year at Berkeley! Feel free to ask questions about application! 6 July 11, 2019
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ACT prep 3 June 7, 2019
How to pay for college 5 June 7, 2019
Can amazing hooks and a good test score out weigh a average gpa (UW 3.75) for ivies (especially Brown and Dartmouth)? If you have experience with this, I am looking for a mentor 7 May 30, 2019
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Any tips to get into Columbia University? 4 May 23, 2019
Is Chapman a good college for studying Law/Psychology? Does anyone here go there? How are the class sizes? 1 January 25, 2019
Thoughts on an 8 week summer program at Stanford? It would only give me 2 weeks to travel and stuff with family. But... I can still have a fun summer.... right? 1 January 25, 2019
If I got a C in high school how would it affect me into getting into top colleges? 5 January 23, 2019
What should I know before switching my major to nursing? 6 January 9, 2019
I despise the cold, but my top colleges are in cold places (NH, upstate NY, etc). The programs, academics, and sports feel too amazing to give up, but is it worth it? Help! 5 January 8, 2019
How bad would a drug use suspension effect my college applications? 3 January 8, 2019
Should I major in journalism despite not participating in it in high school? I was expected to major in business or politics, so I filled my electives with those classes. Now I’ve been given the choic 3 January 8, 2019
Anyone double major? I am considering doing it (environmental studies/science and something medicine related) but I will also be playing a sport in college. Any advice/warnings? 4 January 8, 2019
But it’s not good 2 January 8, 2019
How does the GPA system work my average is currently 94/95 and idk what that is in that system can anyone help? 4 January 7, 2019
I not so good at it!😅 4 January 6, 2019
Hi everyone! I’m new and wanted to introduce myself! I’m Shannon and I’m currently a sophomore at Yale University. I’m majoring in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. I’m also a member of a sorority on campus. I’d love to help people with a 1 January 4, 2019
What can cause for an acceptance to be revoked? (UT,LSU,Howard, similar schools) 2 January 4, 2019
Minimum SAT score in Harvard 1 January 2, 2019
Strange question, but how do you deal with the bathroom/shower situation at college? Many of my schools have communal bathrooms, but I’m a bit of a germaphobe and am scared to share bathrooms with mor 5 December 28, 2018
What should I do if my GPA is low and I’m in my Junior year? 2 December 24, 2018
How do you balance D1/D2 athletics and school? Any tips or advice? 1 December 22, 2018