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About the Applications category 1 October 3, 2017
Summer session and first year at Berkeley! Feel free to ask questions about application! 6 July 11, 2019
Does applying to university need you to declare a major? Or do you just need to declare a college in the university that you want to attend? 1 June 21, 2019
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But it’s not good 2 January 8, 2019
What can cause for an acceptance to be revoked? (UT,LSU,Howard, similar schools) 2 January 4, 2019
Do really creative and out there essays really help your chances in college admissions a lot? I feel like that values a persons writing ability too much but I’m not sure 2 December 16, 2018
I want some one from MIT 2 December 11, 2018
What GPA is needed for Dartmouth? 6 December 7, 2018
Hello! Would anyone be willing to read over my application essay through email? English is not my strongest subject nor was it my first language and I have been struggling quite a bit. 😅 6 November 27, 2018
How do I apply double major to a college? I want to apply to university of South carolina,rider university, princeton,temple university and American UNIVERSITY 2 November 25, 2018
Could a Pre Law student give me some advice on what courses I should take to be prepared for college? 4 November 20, 2018
University of Michigan Prompt 1 Summary: what community am I a part of 6 November 16, 2018
If I apply to multiple schools and get accepted into a few, do I have to write back to the other schools and turn them down or not say anything? 3 November 10, 2018
Hey there! I’m currently a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago studying Psychology in the honors college. If you need any help with applications, financial aid, or course selection please let me know! I’m also roommates with a Physics major and an 1 November 7, 2018
Hi I don’t know how the essay thing on this app works but I’m hoping to apply soon and am looking for some feedback on my essay. Thank you guys in advance! 5 November 7, 2018
So I’m an international student planning to start my applications but my gpa is pretty low, if I have high sat, sat 2, and act scores and great essays will I stand a chance at top rank uni’s? 8 November 7, 2018
Anyone from Cornell available to talk about college/major decisions? 4 November 6, 2018
Hi! I’d really appreciate it if I could speak to a student at Dartmouth or at least someone who’s been accepted there to talk about application/admissions/grades/overall ways to strengthen my app! 2 November 6, 2018
What grades do I need to get into mizzou 2 November 5, 2018
Is there anyone who got accepted to The University of Florida who could tell me what they did to get in? I have already applied, and I’m so nervous to get my decision! 3 November 5, 2018
Hi everyone! I'm an upcoming junior at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Cognitive Science and Media Studies. I know college applications can seem overwhelming and scary - but I'm here to help! 13 November 4, 2018
How to sign up for scholarships? 8 November 4, 2018
Tips on application and things you can do if you don’t meet eligibility requirements for a college 7 November 3, 2018
How would you describe Clemson? pros and cons? Is it very diverse? When I toured it was raining and there wasn’t anything around the college so I am debating applying but I really like the nursing abd 2 November 3, 2018
What are the minimum requirements for Babson College? 4 November 3, 2018
If anyone is struggling with getting scholarships just know it’s not as hard as it might seem. Contact me and let’s lay a foundation for all your future scholarship accplications. Looking forward to meeting you all 💯 1 November 3, 2018
Any advice from people who got into NYU? What are my chances if I applied ED, with only a 3.4 (unweighted) and 1390 SAT..? I took 6 APs and all honors. I do a lot of extra curriculars 2 October 24, 2018