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Good colleges for Politics/Law or Teaching? Hopefully some that have really good scholarships. I can’t even apply for FAFSA 11 October 16, 2018
How long will it take to hear back from colleges to see if I’m accepted if I applied Early Action, Regular Decision and Rolling? 7 October 12, 2018
How do most colleges let you know if you got in or not? Email, mail, a phone call? 3 October 10, 2018
I am a senior and I’m really confused on how to apply for cal states and fasfa, help? 3 October 3, 2018
What’s something you wish you knew about college apps when you were applying? 4 October 3, 2018
Do I have to write my college essays? 6 October 2, 2018
Writing application essays can be extremely time consuming, but you can save a lot of time by reformatting essays you’ve already written. Take the time to write one or two essays that have various themes in them. Many essay questions are similar; you 1 September 28, 2018
I did debate, football, and ski team in highschool. Clubs are an integral component of my college experience, but i'm doing very different stuff now. How are you looking to branch out in College? 1 September 27, 2018
Does anyone have any advice on getting into NYU or BU? My GPA is a 3.4 only so I’m not even sure if I have a chance 8 September 25, 2018
I have many colleges I would like to go to the first one is UCLA . & I just want to know how or what could I do to get in that school! 4 September 25, 2018
Are you a computer science major at a community college? I got into all schools I applied to, message me for tips and tricks on ensuring you’re in a good position to get into your dream school! 1 September 25, 2018
Crazy topic idea but I need thoughts. I was thinking of writing my college essay about a traumatic experience involving domestic abuse with my parents OR how my mom is someone I look up to 7 September 25, 2018
I don’t know where to start with my college essay. I have no idea where to begin or what to write about. I’ve read example essays and looked at articles and I’m still just so stuck 8 September 24, 2018
What are things that should be getting done for applications? Is there a certain order for what to do? 5 September 24, 2018
I am an incoming freshman at University of California Berkeley. If you have any questions just ask! 11 September 21, 2018
I applied to Indiana University with a business major, I have a 1320 sat and a 3.81/4 gpa my grades are not stellar but im in honors and AP what are my chances 2 September 21, 2018
If you plan on going to college, it would be best to start off with a list of colleges that you have interest in. Apply early before your senior year alongside with Scholarships. It would be best to do everything beforehand than waiting at the last m 1 September 21, 2018
Interested in studying music but don’t know where to start? Hit me up! :) 1 September 21, 2018
Wanna know more about the community college application in California? Message me and I’ll help you out :) 1 September 20, 2018
Ask me how I got into every school I applied to! 1 September 19, 2018
1) When should I start applying for colleges? 2) Should I apply to multiple at the same time? 3) How long does it usually take to get a response on whether you were accepted or not? 4 September 19, 2018
Message me to find out more about greek life, how to get a good act score, how to write a college essay, and how to not buckle under all the pressure 🧠 1 September 14, 2018
Message me with any questions on transferring, picking a school, or writing supplements/essays! I went through the college process twice, once senior year of HS and once last year during my freshman year at the University of Miami, so I have research 1 September 13, 2018
This time of year is extremely busy, especially if you’re applying to college! I went through this whole process last year, so I completely understand the struggle. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or lost, don’t hesitate to reach out to me - I’d 1 September 12, 2018
Reach out to me about art/performing arts programs, auditions, portfolios, resume building, how to properly present yourself during your application process! 1 September 12, 2018
I’m applying ED to brown university this fall. If anyone who has been accepted/attends could reach out to me & help me through the process, I would rlly appreciate it. I’m pre med! Need essay tips:) 3 September 12, 2018
Whats the earliest grade I can start applying to colleges? 11 September 10, 2018
If anyone needs help with essay editing I am here to help! 1 September 9, 2018
Is applying to around 25 colleges a good or bad idea? (Not taking into consideration money to apply) 22 September 8, 2018
Opinions on applying to an Ivy League -Dartmouth-with a 32 ACT, 1360 SAT, 3.7 GPA, but really strong extracurriculars? (Rugby, track, EMT, volunteering). 2 SAT subjects scheduled 3 September 7, 2018