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What is the score for the asvab to get into the US Coast Guard Academy 2 November 16, 2018
I would really like to become an aquatic surgeon but i was told that it might not happen cause its such a closed business to get into. Where should i go for college for that? How do i get noticed? 2 November 14, 2018
Hi everyone! If you’re interested in WashIngton UnIversIty In St. LouIs, I would love to tell you more about it! I’m a current freshman so I can also give insight on the application process and what the transition was like 😊 Feel free to shoot me a 1 November 14, 2018
So my first choice is university of Houston I’d love to know more about this college from a student perspective Can’t wait to talk :) 4 November 13, 2018
Why is it important to attend a four year college 3 November 12, 2018
Hi, if anybody has questions about UCLA (going here, getting in, school programs etc.) feel free to ask! 3 November 12, 2018
Hi everyone, How about comouter science? 2 November 10, 2018
What are some good architecture colleges? 6 November 10, 2018
What do you know about electrical engineering 2 November 10, 2018
What are some good universities for Nursing and Psychology? I would like to be a Psychiatric Nurse, so I would require a Nursing major with an emphasis on mental health courses 9 November 7, 2018
Hello, I’m currently a psychology and English double major at Johns Hopkins University (a top ten school) that’s graduating a year early. If you want help with your essays or have questions about getting in to college, what to do if you want to grad 1 November 7, 2018
Can somebody recommend me any colleges? I am having a hard time pick colleges that will best fit me. I plan to be a NICU nurse in the future 15 November 7, 2018
Be honest ! :) do I have a decent chance to get into an ivy Leauge school if I end up with a 3.75 by the end of junior year and decent extra circulars and good amount of AP’s. Thanks 17 November 6, 2018
Is it bad if you don’t get an interview? What does this imply? 2 November 6, 2018
Would anyone like to give me advice on admissions to NYU? 1 November 6, 2018
Would anyone be willing to chat with me about Dartmouth College? 2 November 6, 2018
When should I secure a spot in a college once I am accepted for Fall 2019? 6 November 6, 2018
My dream school denied me and another school accepted me all in the same day. I don’t really know what to do, do I go to community college for a semester then transfer over to my dream school? Or jusr 8 November 5, 2018
Hi, my name Is Sammy. I graduate from Syracuse univerusty this past semester with a 3.54 major GPA in finance. Feel free to ask me any question about college, career, or financial aid 3 November 5, 2018
I’m having some time issues with my essays- should I apply to UChicago early action or regular? Early action with “worse” essay, or regular decision with “best” essay? 4 November 4, 2018
Can somebody recommend me any colleges? I’m having a hard time figuring out what kind of college I should go to. I plan on being an education major or a school counselor 5 November 3, 2018
How do I stand out for New York University 3 November 2, 2018
Find your passion and pursue it. What good does it make to get a career you are not happy pursuing? Once you find your passion, work hard for it because nothing good or worth it comes easy 1 October 22, 2018
What to study/major in l if I am interested in brain mental health and nursing but no psychology as a career? And career ideas too? 28 October 18, 2018
When a NAIA college coach invite you to a official visit tour do that mean the school will paid for it or you have to? 2 October 13, 2018
I’m torn between dorming and rushing my freshman year. Where can I find resources to help me choose? Do you guys have any opinions?(fyi, the school I want to go to allows freshman to rush and move in) 9 October 12, 2018
What are some dorm essentials? Anything you couldn’t live without or something unconventional? I’m putting together an Amazon wishlist and I need som ideas from the people that know best! 32 October 10, 2018
I’m a freshman and i need to transfer to a good school that gives scholarships. I’m not a US-citizen 3 October 10, 2018
What are some schools with a good nursing program that provide a lot of need based aid? (I’m an average student, 3.3 unweighted and 3.8 weighted gpa plus IB and AP classes taken if that helps) 3 October 9, 2018
Good colleges for Psychology and Sports Medicine? 4 October 9, 2018