Course Selection

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Just because you were used to taking classes from 8-3 in high school doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do the same thing in college. College classes are much more time consuming and far more exhausting. Also you don’t get bonus points for taking mo 1 July 14, 2018
Where is a good college for a Veterinary technician? In Wisconsin 2 July 11, 2018
Has anyone participated in Boston University’s accelerated BA/DDS program? I’d love more info 1 July 9, 2018
Find help from guidance counselors about picking what course suits your major best. It is their job to help you pick what is best for you 3 July 2, 2018
When choosing a course, be sure it’s exactly what you want or need, because if you drop it, you (or your parents) lose a lot of money 1 June 14, 2018
When you get to selecting your own courses in college, make sure to read into the amount of work required for each class so you can determine how many hours you’ll have in a day to study 1 June 13, 2018
I’m at a private university but left to knock out some classes at community schools for finical reasons. I’d love to answer any questions about transferring and how to build a vision for graduation! 1 June 11, 2018
Hey guys ! Feel free to email me or comment or anything ! I been to two local colleges and have experienced city college and private college. Please let me know if you need help with anything! 1 May 27, 2018
Should I take as many AP classes as possible? 15 May 27, 2018
Should I take for my senior year either pre Cal or science class? 6 May 25, 2018
When your taking elective classes in high school, try to pick ones that might relate to your major in the future, if you already know what you want to study 1 May 7, 2018