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About the Financial Aid category 1 October 3, 2017
How to pay for college 5 June 7, 2019
People say that applying for financial aid as an international student is risky. Is that true? 12 November 4, 2018
Hi I’m an international student who’s looking for scholarships. I wanted to know what my scores must be to get at least half scholarship at Stevens institute of Technology 3 October 23, 2018
What are some good need based scholarships for someone who’s Pell Grant eligible? 3 October 16, 2018
Anyone pay for college on their own, without family help? How does that process differ from the normal financial aid process? And what’s been your experience with it? I may have to do this myself 7 October 9, 2018
If I apply ED under the assumption that the financial aid package will work for me, but once accepted I realize my family can not afford it, how to I back out? What’s the process? 9 October 5, 2018
What happens if even with 100% financial aid met up to the family contribution, the family contribution itself is still too much money for my family to handle? 7 October 4, 2018
Hey y’all my name is Samantha and I can answer any questions you may have about Financial Aid, Scholarships/Grants and Work Study that you may have 1 September 23, 2018
Questions about FAFSA and other financial aid? I’m here to help! 1 September 19, 2018
Does anyone know exactly what fasfa is and how it works? Like if your parents make a certain amount a year, they accommodate to that certain income range? 7 September 17, 2018
Fell free to message me about anything! 1 September 13, 2018
What are great resources for college scholarships? 3 September 6, 2018
I’m super curious on what I should do early to make sure that I can get into college without worrying about money! I have no support from family, however I wanna know what I could do to possibly go? 7 August 19, 2018
Want to learn about how I attend university on a full ride scholarship? Chat with me to learn all about financial aid and scholarships in the UC system! :) 1 August 19, 2018
Will I be able to get financial aid in State Universities and other colleges like JHU, Duke etc as an international student? 4 August 15, 2018
What does determine how much scholarship I can get? 4 August 13, 2018
If you’re curious about financial aid... lmk! 3 August 9, 2018
Does anyone have any tips for looking for scholarships or good financial aid 7 August 6, 2018
Hello all! I am very experienced with FAFSA, out of state, private financial aid and filing for appeals! Any questions relating to these topics are welcome :) 1 August 3, 2018
Has anyone ever done a financial aid appeal for request of more financial aid due to financial change? I have some questions. Do I mail it to the school or drop it off in person. If I get denied the request will I end up not receiving anything? Anyon 5 August 3, 2018
Hey everyone! Happy to answer questions and discuss any concerns about paying for college. I come from a low-income family; finances were a big concern when I chose my college, and will continue to be until I graduate law school. As such, it’s a barr 1 August 1, 2018
Can someone tell me how generous out of state public schools are with financial aid packages?(preferably answered by someone who has applied out of state and knows how much they received) 6 July 29, 2018
Make sure to always file your financial aid on time. There is different offices at the colleges that offer assistance. Always ask for help it’s okay to ask for help. Involve your parents or have one of them sit with you to help you fill it out 1 July 26, 2018
I’m happy to talk about financial aid, work study, etc.! It ended up being cheaper for me to go to Northwestern than Ohio State so make sure you are aware of how financial aid works 1 July 26, 2018
Something simple to do in order to get the most bang for your buck- get a part time job. Most people think it’s hard to work when you’re going to college, that is true unless you do a part time job. Work a job during the summer so you can make some e 1 July 26, 2018
Ask me anything you want to know about financial aid and also any other general question you have! 1 July 26, 2018
Let me tell you something that holds back most high schoolers. Which is: "I can't apply to college because of my financial status." That's a lie, I know students who have gotten in to many colleges who weren't the richest out of the bunch. If you 1 July 24, 2018
Understanding the aspects of financial aid is difficult. Do not let finances get in the way of pursuing your degree. Talk to me, I’ll point you in the right direction and make college affordable for you! 1 July 24, 2018
Hi does anyone know about any outside/private needs based scholarships 2 July 20, 2018