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My ACT is this weekend. Any testing advice/tips? How do i focus? What should i wear? Should i drink coffee? How do i get enough sleep the night before? Tips on fixing my messed up sleeping schedule? 6 September 5, 2018
How can I get better test scores if I am in special ed my scores I have now is SAT 680 ACT 14? 2 September 4, 2018
How important are AP classes and how do they effect getting into a better college 18 September 2, 2018
Is a 32 ACT too low for schools like Duke/Vanderbilt/Northwestern/Boston College? 4.5 gpa + load of extracurriculars/volunteering Attempting to use ballet as a hook for schools w/ dance minors 9 September 1, 2018
I took many classes, and have experienced many tutors, I’ve learned many helpful tips and tricks to boost your ACT score. When I started taking my ACT courses I was earning a measly 20/36. After practicing I was able to test a 32/36, on three separat 1 August 30, 2018
If you need help with you ACT/SAT scores, feel free to send me a message! 1 August 30, 2018
I’m not sure if I did better a the psat or act. I got 1250 on my psat 10 I took last year and a 29 on the act I just took now. Can someone maybe tell me how these compare and which I should take? 7 August 29, 2018
Will i get into pitt if my sat score starts at the middle 50% of their scores 4 August 26, 2018
I just got my AP result for APUSH it was a 2... should I take a subject test? 7 August 21, 2018
Ask me anything about SAT, AP, college applications, college life, etc. Open to talking about anything! Am an economics major and currently doing an investment banking internship 1 August 17, 2018
The area of a triangle is 90cm2. Find the value of x if the sides of the rectangle are 2x+3 are x respecting 2 August 15, 2018
Which SAT II subjects are most recommended to do? 3 August 14, 2018
Can anyone explain the SAT/ACT/AP tests? Which is better? I’m looking into a career in genetics, and/or biophysics/bioengineering 8 August 10, 2018
Which is better: dual enrollment or AP? 4 August 9, 2018
I’m trying to decide about what subject tests to take. I’m going into college Biology. I may take Environmental Science to? Which SAT subject should I sign up for? Biology E or Biology M? 8 August 9, 2018
Is a 1200 on the June 2018 SAT good for a 9th grader? I heard that it had a really bad curve 2 August 9, 2018
Hey guys I’m pretty well versed when it comes to AP Courses and Tests and just graduated recently so I understand perfectly how things are right now at schools. So if any doubts please don’t hesitate to send me a message I used to tutor freshmen, sop 1 August 7, 2018
Tips for taking the ACT? 9 August 1, 2018
How long did you study for the sat? 14 July 31, 2018
Is it terrible to bomb your first sat but do amazing the second time you take it? 6 July 29, 2018
I have a 3.8/4.0 gpa and captain of 2 teams at my school I do lots of extra curricular activities not just pointless ones but my sat and act scores aren’t the best will colleges not like bc of that 13 July 29, 2018
Can someone give me insight on if a 1220 on the SAT and a 29 on the ACT is good? 3 July 28, 2018
College standardized testing: I took the SAT, PSAT, 8 APs, 3 SAT subjects. Feel free to ask me anything! 1 July 28, 2018
What kind of test scores are Stanford University looking for? 4 July 26, 2018
Do UC colleges look at all sat scores? Would it be bad to bomb it first but do very well in the next if they do in fact look at all scores? Thanks 5 July 26, 2018
There is a lot of buzz about the SAT, but PSATs are really important too! You could win a $2,500 scholarship. I went through the process as a National Merit Scholar, so if you have any questions feel free to ask away! :) 1 July 25, 2018
I'm taking AP Biology this year. Can someone share me your experiences? Also, do you happen to have old copies of tests? Thank you! 12 July 24, 2018
If anyone has any questions or concerns about upcoming SAT or AP exams, let me know! 1 July 23, 2018
Hi! I am taking AP 2d Art next year and was wondering if anyone had insight on what the class is like and any tips for passing the course? 3 July 22, 2018
How do you make study plans for your normal classes, SAT, and AP exams? I used to homework and study 20 minutes of two classes everyday but I don't think that's going to work this year 2 July 22, 2018