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Hi everyone! I’m new to the ConnecPath community and just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a student at Harvard University pursuing a degree in sociology and statistics. I have a vast amount of experience in college counseling and essay editing for sc 4 December 19, 2018
Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore at Harvard University, so I went through the application process recently. I applied to a bunch of schools (14), and did a lot of interviews, so feel free to reach out to me with questions about pretty much anything. I ca 2 December 17, 2018
Do really creative and out there essays really help your chances in college admissions a lot? I feel like that values a persons writing ability too much but I’m not sure 2 December 16, 2018
I have 1460 in SAT but want to get more than 1500 so could u recommend some places where I could study from to improve my score. Erika for English ? Khan Academy ? Or any resource u think could be h 2 December 16, 2018
Anybody into Gtech or Caltech. What was ur sat score or grades? 1 December 14, 2018
I want some one from MIT 2 December 11, 2018
What is college exams for and what happen if you fail your exams? 1 December 11, 2018
What is the best line for the new set up in usa . Next year I m studying law in India and thinking to set up in usa after the studies .so is there any scope for law students there! 1 December 10, 2018
Who go to a Christian private school? 1 December 7, 2018
If anyone could give me some tips or information about how to get into Washington University in STL that would be amazing! 5 December 7, 2018
What GPA is needed for Dartmouth? 6 December 7, 2018
Any tips for college interviews over the phone? 7 December 7, 2018
I want to study music education and get my doctorite in it but I'm not sure what school would be best 4 December 5, 2018
Any advice on where I should go to college I either want to major in education or in physician assistant but I want to do like a dual degree program to get my masters in 5 years any suggestions 8 November 30, 2018
Does anyone know a good cosmetic school 2 November 30, 2018
Will I ever be able to read my letters of recommendation even though I waived to not read them? 5 November 30, 2018
I have cumulated a whole semester’s worth of really good US History notes conducted in outline formal covering the Colombian Exchange all the way to The Civil War. If you are interested in getting the PDF version, let me know. It is broken up into 19 1 November 30, 2018
Can an IEP or learning plan hurt your chances of getting into an Ivy League? 3 November 29, 2018
How do I get accepted into MIT? Im currently a highschool student, but inatead of going to normal school, im taking college classes. I will graduate and have an associate's degree by 2020 3 November 28, 2018
Can somebody recommend me good colleges for teaching? And what to look for? 5 November 27, 2018
Will my GPA start over once I enter college or do I keep the one from high school and just build on it? 3 November 27, 2018
Hello! Would anyone be willing to read over my application essay through email? English is not my strongest subject nor was it my first language and I have been struggling quite a bit. 😅 6 November 27, 2018
How do I apply double major to a college? I want to apply to university of South carolina,rider university, princeton,temple university and American UNIVERSITY 2 November 25, 2018
What is a better career? beautician or veterinarian? 3 November 25, 2018
What kind can I get with a bachelors in criminology and education 3 November 23, 2018
What kind of jobs can someone get with an English degree (besides teaching)? 5 November 23, 2018
What college is best to go to in Colorado to study a medical examiner (coroner)? 1 November 23, 2018
Could a Pre Law student give me some advice on what courses I should take to be prepared for college? 4 November 20, 2018
Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself 👋🏾 My name is Déja (yes, like deja vu) and I’m a junior at Brown University. I’m currently on a year and a half off of school (I started in 2015) living as a traveling freelance writer and tutor! Please don 1 November 20, 2018
Hey guys how many years do you have to take for fashion I really want to do fashion I don’t know how many years is gonna take so can you guys help me and tell me haw many years is gonna take thank you 3 November 19, 2018