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What’s the difference between Pre- Biochemistry and Biochemistry? 4 November 18, 2018
What kind of person should and shouldn’t major is psychology? 14 November 17, 2018
University of Michigan Prompt 1 Summary: what community am I a part of 6 November 16, 2018
Will someone look at my essay real quick? 5 November 16, 2018
What is the requirement score for the SAT to get into a college? 3 November 16, 2018
I need help I don't know if I should retake the test again because I think I will get a low score on new test score in 12th grade for 11th I got SAT 680 and ACT is I got 14 what should I do? 6 November 16, 2018
Recently graduated from UCLA as a transfer with a degree in sociology as well as college and departmental honors let me know if you have any questions! 1 November 16, 2018
What degree do I have to have to become a Radio DJ? 2 November 16, 2018
What is the score for the asvab to get into the US Coast Guard Academy 2 November 16, 2018
I would really like to become an aquatic surgeon but i was told that it might not happen cause its such a closed business to get into. Where should i go for college for that? How do i get noticed? 2 November 14, 2018
Hi everyone! If you’re interested in WashIngton UnIversIty In St. LouIs, I would love to tell you more about it! I’m a current freshman so I can also give insight on the application process and what the transition was like 😊 Feel free to shoot me a 1 November 14, 2018
So my first choice is university of Houston I’d love to know more about this college from a student perspective Can’t wait to talk :) 4 November 13, 2018
How do I write a speech 2 November 13, 2018
Hi! Im a junior in high school. I moved states a lot & it REALLY hurt my grades. Im basically a year behind with 1.5 GPA. Do you think a GED would be a better option? Im scared moving ruined my future 4 November 13, 2018
Why do I have to go to college 3 November 13, 2018
Why is it important to attend a four year college 3 November 12, 2018
Can somebody read over my college essay? 9 November 12, 2018
Hi, if anybody has questions about UCLA (going here, getting in, school programs etc.) feel free to ask! 3 November 12, 2018
If you are going into a Pre-Healy field such as pre med or pre pharm or pre pt, message me any questions about course selection, best schools, and programs! I will try my best and answer to everyone 1 November 11, 2018
If I apply to multiple schools and get accepted into a few, do I have to write back to the other schools and turn them down or not say anything? 3 November 10, 2018
Hi everyone, How about comouter science? 2 November 10, 2018
What are some good architecture colleges? 6 November 10, 2018
What do you know about electrical engineering 2 November 10, 2018
Hey 1 November 10, 2018
Do you know any police academy's? 1 November 10, 2018
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Any recommendations for higher sat or act grades? 6 November 9, 2018
Hey there! I’m currently a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago studying Psychology in the honors college. If you need any help with applications, financial aid, or course selection please let me know! I’m also roommates with a Physics major and an 1 November 7, 2018
What are some good universities for Nursing and Psychology? I would like to be a Psychiatric Nurse, so I would require a Nursing major with an emphasis on mental health courses 9 November 7, 2018
Hi I don’t know how the essay thing on this app works but I’m hoping to apply soon and am looking for some feedback on my essay. Thank you guys in advance! 5 November 7, 2018