Any advice for applying to MIT?

Any advice for applying to MIT?


What major are you thinking about?

Probably computer science or urban sciencs

Try to have something in your application that would make you stand out from your every day top-student of your school. Like build a car or Eagle Scouts or something

For computer science, ensure solid relevant experience such as building projects in your own time, having an active Github and portfolio, attending hackathons and starting your own CS initiative on campus.

You don’t need to do things as extreme as what people have suggested, as long as you have a clear passion for something and show that you can stick with something even if it’s challenging that’s really what admissions looks for

Reiterating what Bryan said. Many times people are qualified when they apply, what sets people apart is a passion for what you do. It sounds cliche but all I would recommend is maybe showing this passion through clubs you’ve done, recommendations you’ve received, and your drive to continue this passion

How’s like writing MIT essays? Is it hard?