Any recommendations for higher sat or act grades?

Any recommendations for higher sat or act grades?

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Practice tests! It’s helpful to break down errors you make into categories and study those categories of questions. Happy to talk more specifically

I raised my score on the ACT 3 points after studying using the Princeton Review practice book. I fInd the most helpful sections to be the practice tests and the test-taking strategies. If you’d like to go over some of these strategies, I’d love to help!

I personally used Prepscholar. It is moderately priced, but definitely not unreasonable. It is a structured program that guarantees over a 200 point score increase or you get your money back. It helped me go from an average SAT score to one which got me into Duke!!

Do some practice tests at least 1hr everyday. Use KhanAcademy.

Try to find a really good tutor. It’s kind of a weird “you have to be in the know” thing to find whoever is your area’s top tutors. The first place I’d check would be whatever fancy HS is around and start figuring out where they go.