How do you know exactly what you wanna do when you really have no idea

How do you know exactly what you wanna do when you really have no idea


You definitely don’t need to know exactly what you want to do right now. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I entered college and as a current senior I just now decided what I want to do. I’m online now if you want to talk about how to go about college when you don’t have a specific career plan!

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I agree with Jocelyn, you never really know and that’s ok. My advice to you is to think about what you like to do, what makes you happy? I’m currently a film student and I’m working in the film industry. It’s what makes me happy and I go home everyday satisfied knowing that I’m studying and working in something I love. So take your time college isn’t going anywhere haha. But really think about because not only will you might be wasting your time but always money and that’s not fun haha.

Don’t forget that it’s totally cool to go into college undecided! Most of the time you’ll have a bunch of core classes to take first, so you’ll have probably at least a semester if not a year of time to think about what it is you really want. Throw in a few electives during that time to test out a few things you might enjoy. Also remember that NO major declaration is a binding commitment. People change their majors and career choices alllll the time. I know someone who switched from speech pathologist to special ed teacher to entrepreneur and she’s finally happy. Don’t stress! You have time and you’ll figure it out.

I changed my mind about what I wanted to do at least 4 times within my first two years of college. Luckily I didn’t have to declare until the end of my second year and I knew the option of switching was open for awhile. Also, your major in college doesn’t necessarily set your future in stone at all!! I would love to chat if you have any other questions, I have lots of experience with transferring and big vs small school and city.