I’m having the worst time choosing a major. How the do I choose a college if I can’t decide on a major? How do I narrow down my major selection? Heeelllllpppp :(

I’m having the worst time choosing a major. How the do I choose a college if I can’t decide on a major? How do I narrow down my major selection? Heeelllllpppp :frowning:


Hey🌸 feel free to message me and we can chat about this! I have a lot of tips that could help you out.

You can always go in as an “undeclared major” and explore classes to see what you’re really interested in! Most students change their majors in college anyway. If you are super set on finding an exact major, feel free to message me!


Almost all colleges are Liberal Arts Colleges now, and that means they have general requirements just like high school (English, Math, Art). Your first year you will probably have so many general requirements that you will be able to sample each major. And you know what? Almost all colleges have a General Studies Major that is just a bachelor’s degree, nothing specific!

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Many universities have an “undecided” or “exploratory” major where you can try out classes in several fields so you can get a better idea of what would be the best fit for you! These majors also host many seminars from different professionals to help you decide. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more!

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It is so okay to change majors! I did it twice :slight_smile: feel free to message me and we talk a little more about the process and how it is OKAY to not know your perfect major right now.

Starting it by eliminating major you don’t want is always the easy. If it doesn’t get narrowed down even then, choosing a major/school that allows you to change a major from different department easily is another alternative.

I started my college search by looking at best colleges for my major but I changed my mind 4 times in my first two years!! Don’t stress over it, you’ll most likely be able to find something you’re interested in at whatever school you choose. Feel free to message me I have a lot of experience and knowledge about transferring and big vs small school and city.

Hey keep in mind you can always change/add/drop your major. I’ve changed my mind atleast once a semester and as time went on, I discovered which major suited me the most. Feel free to start with undeclared or anything that you think you might like and be adaptive!

Hi so I went into college applications not sure what I wanted to study. Instead of going to a four year, I decided to go a community college. I was able to take general education classes while also discovering what major I wanted. Feel free to message me

I’ve switched my major three times and I’m doing great. I’m in my junior year with 75 credits left to complete before I graduate. Feel free to message me if you want to be certain about finding a major. I felt like I had to have a major set and I was wrong, so reach out if you would like :slight_smile:

I would definitely suggest looking at schools with a variety of classes and major options. That way you can really explore what you are passionate about

Hello Jodi, choosing the right major can be stressful at first, but it’s really just about what you feel comfortable with. Feel free to message me, and we can narrow down the scope based on your passion and interests, and come up with a list of options that appeal to you the most.

I suggest that you look at your interests and then figure out which one has the potential for the most profit in the end game. Like what major is going to allow you to get a job right after you graduate and that you enjoy the major as well

Everyone always says this, but it’s so true! Don’t stress too much about choosing a major now because you can always change it! I’ve changed mine 3 times. What I would recommend is instead of going in undecided, choose a major that seems to correlate with or make sense with the classes you took and the extracurricular activities you engaged in and that will make you seem put together to colleges and you can then be free to experiment with classes in college and change your major then!

Don’t stress about the major just go ahead and choose the major once you start college and narrow down your interests you will be able to choose a major that you like and you will do a great job … trust me because i changed my major every single semester.

Try going in undecided and then explore the classes that you like.

feel free to message me too! took me sometime and feeling things out in order to choose the right major for me!

I’m not sure if this is an option for you, but a lot of colleges have summer camps or other pre-application programs where you can get a taste of what a certain department/major is like. I couldn’t find a good fit either until I took a chance on a summer program and fell in love with a really specific program! Hmu if you have any other questions!

I have had a lot of friends go through this same situation. Many have gone to community college first and then transferred after knowing what they want to do. I have even switched my major after taking some electives and finding out that is what I want to do. You can also choose a college that has a wide variety of options (few things your interested in) and take some electives within those courses. Also does not hurt to talk to professors. Feel free to chat with me if you have any questions !