Need Some Help!

I am a female junior in high school trying to narrow down some colleges to apply to next year. To share a little:
-4.0 unweighted (according to my school. Two A- though)
-32 ACT (took w/o studying, retaking soon + 1430 on PSAT)
-11 APs (including senior year)
-tennis 1 yr, cross country 1 yr(planning another), cross country manager 1 yr
-all years varsity track, 4x400 relay state qualifier
-NHS (hoping to run for president/office)
-active participant in Diversity Dialogue/Club
-key club/ interact club (service based but not consistent commitment bc sports conflict)
-5 on AP human geo
-4 on AP micro and macro
-4 on AP Seminar

  • in AP research right now, hoping to get research published/ create policy with my school based on research.
    -all academic athlete, ap scholar with honors, various honors awards, etc cetera.
    -looking to go into industrial engineering or actuarial science.
    -I have been really interested in University of Michigan, UC Santa Barbara, UW Madison, and UNC.
    If anyone can gave my chances, give me some tips/ recommendations, or suggest other schools to look into, that would be greatly appreciated!