What’s a good school for someone planning to do film or be on film crew?

what’s a good school for someone planning to do film or be on film crew?


Hello, Mimi
If you want to be in OC area I recommend CSU Long Beach. The theater art department in that campus is pretty good. I hope the information will be helpful


I agree for CSULB Steven Spielberg went to that school.

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I’d also say USC a friend of mine goes there and he says Hollywood directors actually come in and teach at the university, so that’s pretty cool


Both of those schools are great for film! Another amazing option is ASU. I have been told that they are within the top 25 schools for visual arts and design

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Currently a student studying photography/media. I also work in the film industry as a freelancer. I hope this helps. Don’t go for the school name or who the alumni are. I can assure you 90%, that you will be disappointed about the program when you actually get into. No matter what school it is. school is just an networking environment. To build relationships, That’s pretty much it. So, do your research and see what kind of schools have what and what programs and try to find alumni from that certain school and ask how the school is.

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USC, UCLA, Chapman, and there are Aton of other art schools! I am currently studying it now and if you want to know more let me know !

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I’m not a film major; however I do have friends at NYU Tisch and The New School who love their programs there. Definitely look into what the programs offer and see if they suit your interests!

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USC has one of the best film schools in the nation. A lot of alums have gone on to be apart of major films like Black Panther!

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Where are you looking? There are 5 lInstitute of Arts” schools all over California that are amazing! But for film Chapman University may be your best bet! One of the best film schools in the US. My friend goes there and loves it, he is studying film and is close to graduating.


how did you start working for the film industry as a freelancer?

USC’s film school is one of the top ranked film schools in the nation and has really good programs for every component of film making from writing, to production, to directing, to actually filming and crew work! They have screenings and actors/directors on panels plus opportunities to go to red carpet premieres and award shows!

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USC’s film school is one of the best in the country, and I’m actually a Cinematic Arts minor, so feel free to message me if you have any more questions!

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A good school is the school I currently attend, it’s Called Columbia College Hollywood. You get to work every single job at one point before you official pick your major then you focus solely on that trade in your later years. You also get to do a lot of networking there because they have a lot of events with by studios, for example a lot of Netflix original series cast and crew come and visit the school often. Not to toot the schools horn but it really is great to get experience in the field while you’re still in school. Never a dull moment

Tbh If your looking for real opportunities with small class sizes and teachers who work in the field they teach, come to Columbia college Chicago

If you live in the Tri-State area, Montclair State University is a good school

My sister is about to start at Full Sail in Florida, it’s a 20 month school where you can skip out on all the Core requirement classes and focus on your major

Hi Emily,
I’m a rising Junior in high school who is interested in the behind the scenes of a film and working on the film crew. I am researching a ton about colleges, summer programs, and the industry I want to pursue. If you are a student at USC, which is a school I am considering attending, would you be able to tell me about the film program there?
I hope to hear from you soon .
Thank you,
Serina Vadella

Hi Serina,

I’m a film minor at USC and would be happy to tell you more about the school— do you have any specific questions I can answer?


Hello Emily,
Thanks for the speedy reply. A couple questions I have about getting into the film program at USC. I understand it is highly competitive, however could you tell me what they are looking for in a candidate and how many people they select in the program every year. Also, how could I improve my chances of getting into their film program?
Thank you so much for getting back to me.