What should i study in order to prepare for the SAT and ACT

What should i study in order to prepare for the SAT and ACT.


For me, I used the Khan Academy SAT prep. It’s free and helps you study exactly what content you need. It provides questions that are formatted like the ones on the test. I would use that because it’ll help you know exactly what you need to know before going into the actual test. :slight_smile:

For the ACT, the best way to prepare yourself is to Practice, Practice, and Practice.

Look up sample Practice problems from the internet, act prep books, and test yourself to see what scores you get for each section. Keep doing this and try to improve your score with every new sample test you take.

Focus on the types of questions that you are getting incorrect. Try to understand why you got the question wrong. This way the next time you see a similar problem, you will know how to approach and tackle that problem.

Practice is key.

There is actually a really good practice booklet that you can buy at a cheap cost that has sample questions from past ACT’s.

Hey Samantha! What would you consider your strengths on the SAT to be?

If your school offers “SAT prep courses” then I would definitely take part in them! They’re run by teachers at your school and you’re guaranteed a higher score (make sure you practice outside of school, too)

I did plenty of practice tests for the SATs. It’s more about strategizing and process of elimination so by practicing, you will get better at it each time. Examples of resources I used include College Board’s Blue Book, Kaplan, McGraw-Hill, Princeton Review SAT Practice Test books. Hope this helps!

I took an ACT class and did lots of practice exams! Be sure to go over the math section and just relearn things like the trig sections. Those are easy questions you won’t want to miss but will need to review the formulas!

Also came here to suggest this! Big companies make BANK on students being stressed about standardized tests. Khan Academy is free and covers all the same stuff.