Which test should I take? ACT or SAT?

Which test should I take? ACT or SAT?


I had the same question when I was in your shoes. The bottom line is either is fine. Both are nationally recognized standardized tests and usually part of application requirements for most colleges.
People usually start taking the tests in their junior and senior years.

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All US universities/colleges accept ACT/SAT scores, so there’s no advantage in taking one or the other.
But they have some different features, so students usually prefer one over the other. If you like, I can go over both options and see which one is better for you.

Hi Zach, thank you for your comment. Yes, that would be greatly appreciated!

Personally I found the ACT easier to take. Although both are considered to be equally important, it really depends on which test you’ll think you’ll do better on. I took both and I can say that ACT has easier questions but a shorter time frame. SAT requires more brain power and analyzing but more time. As long as you know the tips and tricks regarding these tests, you’ll do fine.

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Well both of the tests will help you. So you should be okay with whichever test you decide to take. ACT was a little easier but it’s up to you. Both are worth the same.

I enjoyed the ACT more, and took it three times. I took the PSAT twice, but never the SAT

A few years ago when I was applying, the SAT was more prominent than the ACT. But now the ACT and SAT are viewed equally and both are accepted by most schools. Do a bit of sample prep for both and the one you feel most confident in, do full prep with and take. Some students I know took both tests and sent in the better results of the two

I really recommend to do both so that you can compare your options as to which is higher.

I did better on the SAT, but decided to take both to see which one worked better for me. It’s honestly a personal choice. As long as you do well, schools won’t care.

Both if you can. But not at the same time. I only say to take both because if your SAT score isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, then you can try your best with the ACT.

Generally taking both is the best option since they pinpoint different types of knowledge in the same general areas. It mostly depends on you and which test your college requires.